Keep Nahant Wild

Our Mission

Keep Nahant Wild is a Movement committed to the conservation of Nahant’s open space, marine and wildlife habitats, natural resources, conservation areas, and scenic landscapes now and into the future.

The Keep Nahant Wild Movement is a part of The Nahant Preservation Trust, Inc., an all-volunteer, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) qualified-charitable organization, whose mission, like that of the Keep Nahant Wild, is to preserve our scenic landscapes, open spaces, historically significant properties and conservation lands.


We stand opposed to Northeastern University's unnecessary and destructive expansion at East Point, Nahant.

Northeastern University is planning to bulldoze and pave over a delicate coastal area that is home to countless wildlife, including migrating birds, honeybees, butterflies, and snowy owls. Northeastern University intends to build their “coastal sustainability” institute here, even though there are alternative locations that are better options for both the surrounding environment and communities.

This facility may also pump a million gallons of seawater - per day - back into the ocean at higher temps. The effects of the effluent system are untested, and local lobstermen have already noticed a decline in marine life in this area. Northeastern University is exploiting this coastal conservation land in the name of its own priorities without regard to the residents of its host community or the impact on the wildlife. 


This is what Northeastern wants to replace with concrete, steel and acres of pavement.


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